Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hello friends. It's a quiet, crispy morning, and I must keep my fingers moving on this keyboard, or they may freeze up on me!!! Brrr... I miss Florida!

Sharing a few of my most recent layouts:

I may change this title at a later date, because this seems more Christmasy, so "sunshines" doesn't really fit the theme of the LO... any suggestions?

Next, I have a couple of Cheyenne:


I am off to find some inspiration and see what else I can do to share with you!

Hugz! XOXO

Monday, July 7, 2008

It was a beautiful Saturday evening on July 5th when I went to the Owosso Speedway with Tim, Todd, and my BFF Sue. We watched several "heat" and "feature" races, and one of my favorites were the street stocks because my sweet friend Jan's, husband was driving the #13 car! I have become an official part of the fan club and cheering section!

(I don't have a photo of his feature win yet, because I am in the photo with his fan club!)

... the wind blew, and the dust flew...

they had to stop the race a couple of times because of a
The dust was so thick that no one could tell if anyone was hurt in the collisions, so they put out the red flag to be able to check.

... and the winner was a woman!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Welcome to my MUD BOG BIRTHDAY

It looked as if everyone was going to have a bad day at the beginning. The first time some of them went out, they got stuck!
... and then others ran out of gas! Duh!

Everyone got a turn on something

Lilly and Kaylee got to have some fun on "Uncle" James' quad that day too! They were all smiles riding around with Daddy (Bobby), until they saw the camera! Kaylee cried everytime we tried to get her off !


I hitched a ride with Kevin from the "back 40" to get back up the hill. Luckily no one got a picture of me trying to get into this thing!!!

Six feet up!

Q. How in the heck do you get out of a muddy Jeep that's 6 feet up in the air??
A. Fly! I think my mind is way too young for my body sometimes!!!

P.S. Just forget it! I am NOT going to tell you how I got INTO this thing!!!

The Overseer

There sat "Miss Princess" Sage, up on the hill where she could get a bird's eye view of everything going on. She didn't miss a thing, and had to go down and check out every curious antic those guys did!

Furl's Beefed Up Saturn ~ video

James' best friend beefed up this Saturn, and it usually holds it's own with the big trucks in the bog, but the water pump wasn't working right, and it kept running too hot. So, it went back to the garage... it'll be ready next time, I'm sure!! (If you look close, you can see Daniel's GF, Ashleigh, in the back seat wearing the blue hoody. Daniel is in back with her. James and Cheyenne got to ride in this one later on, too. I rode in James' other friend's Jeep that's near the end of this video)

Doug CAN drive good when he's not drunk!! ~ video

One of the guys let Doug drive his truck a couple of times before he got too wasted. He turned out to be a pretty decent bogger!

Short ~n~ Sweet ~ video

It didn't look like much of a hole, but a couple of trucks almost got stuck in this spot.

Is this the next "King of the Bog"? ~ video

There is always one sorry guy that has to try to make it through the middle. Look out man! Looks can be deceiving!!

Back 'er on out Dude! ~ video

They all think that they can get through the deep spots that no one else can conquer... and they all end up retreating with their tail tucked between their legs!

James and Ryan at my Birthday Mud Bog ~ video

It rained a little just before the mud bog started, but turned out to be a beautiful day. Everyone had fun thanks to these two wonderful young men!